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Mastering Posterior CEREC Applications


Class Learning Objectives for Bluecam & Omnicam:  

Understanding Parameters and Calibration Methods

Fine tuning the parameters to best suit your clinical demands is the secret to seamless CAD/CAM restoration seating and occlusion precision. Dr. Klim will review the principles behind each parameter for a clear understanding and clinical application.

Finishing Preparation Style for Crisp Optical Impressions

Clean, crisp margins and polished preparations will aid in ceramic fit and functional durability. Ceramic restoration strength comes from the inside. Learn how this fine tuning aspect will improve CEREC fit.

Preparation Architecture for Conservative Ceramic Restorations

Simple and conservative preparation design is the blueprint to simplifying the CEREC process. Could it be that the ceramic’s internal design is the most critical factor for ceramic fit and functional success? Learn the metrics for sound CAD/CAM ceramic engineering.

Managing Subgingival Margins

Subgingival margins use to be a complicating factor withall-ceramic restorations, not anymore! With the right tools and approach, the CEREC practitioner will be able to handle and improve gingival health. Learn Dr. Klim’s systematic method and soft tissue metric system for margins under the gum line.

Optical Impression Techniques

The optical impression is the precision link to the virtual design theater. With proper preparation design and capturing technique, the Bluecam or Omnicam will provide excellent digital percision. Learn proven isolation and optical impression techniques that work every time for either system.

Virtual Design

The virtual design should be the easiest part when the computer has the best 3D information. Learn how to simplify the design process to maximize restoration fit and occlusion without post-milling adjustments or hassles.

Refining the Occlusion in the Virtual Design Phase

Understanding how the parameters work in conjunction with occlusal contact placement is one of the priceless pearls of CEREC. This should lead to nothing more than minor polishing adjustments of the occlusal contacts. Learn how to make the occlusion management your best friend in the CEREC world.

Block Selection for Function and Aesthetics

With the layered blocks and HT e.max, aesthetic blend has been simpified. Learn Dr. Klim’s Depth-Layering- Influence principle and it’s impact on aesthetics. In addition, CEREC now has the all- time “tough mother” ceramic for molar crowns…e.max. Learn the systematic process for block selection.

Ceramic Pre-Bond Finishing (Polish or Stain/Glaze)

Studies have documented that well polished CAD/CAM ceramics will perform like natural enamel. Learn the 3 minute polish technique. On the other hand, if you desire to take your ceramics to the next level of aesthetics and function, learn the Klim “One-step posterior stain and glaze” technique for VITA, Empress and e.max.

e.max…Where, When, and How

The lithium disilicate e.max ceramic adds a new functional dimension to the CAD/CAM clinical theater. Learn the where, when, and how aspects of e.max.

No Post-Operative Sensitivity Protocol

Post-operative sensitivity can primarily be broken down in to two separate camps: adhesive technique and occlusion. Learn the protocol to master and practice both camps with confidence.

Introduction to Restoring Posterior Implants

e.max is providing new avenues for restoring posterior implant restorations.  One of my favorite posterior implant restorative approaches is designing and fabricating an all-in-one abutment/crown restoration and cementing to a Ti-Base or stock abutment extra-orally and then screwing the implant restoration into place.  CEREC provides the needed optical precision to accomplish this implant approach.

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James Klim

James Klim, DDS, FAGD, AAACD

Dr. Klim is an internationally recognized speaker, author, manufacture consultant, beta tester, and teacher of advanced functional and aesthetic CAD/CAM dentistry.

With over 25 years of clinical experience working with all-ceramic restorations, Dr. Klim has developed sound clinical techniques that he is now applying to the CEREC process. He is passionate about sharing tools and templates that will assist other CEREC users with their success and satisfaction in the CAD/CAM restorative theater.

Graduating Summa cum Laude, valedictorian, from Loma Linda University in 1984, Dr. Klim has been awarded high academic recognition by the Alpha Omega Fraternity and the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Society and has received the Prince Award from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Klim has been awarded fellowships from the Academy of General Dentistry and Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics. He is an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Currently, Dr. Klim has a full time restorative practice in Santa Rosa, California and is founder and director of the James Klim CADStar™ CEREC Training and Mentoring Center, and hosts the
international Klim online CEREC training (has been viewed in over 150 countries) and CADStar Radio CAD-CASTs.

With a number of years teaching post-graduate levels in functional and aesthetic dentistry, he is now using this experience as a certified advanced CEREC Patterson trainer. His knowledge and practical clinical experience will mentor the CEREC oriented office with further CEREC integration and clinical applications.

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