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CEREC Veneers: One Day Crash Course



Our one-day crash course for anterior CEREC restorations is a blast and fast paced! We will review what you need to know to get you through a set of highly cosmetic veneers with CEREC. The most important thing when it comes to multiple units like this is to stay out of trouble! Why be focused on every aspect of the software when setting up the case and producing the case in an efficient manner is absolutely critical! It is about what you leave behind, not the process!

This is a hands-on course and limited seating (really.) This discussion will be based off of the Omnicam system, but the principles that apply for the Blue Camera system will be covered if needed. So, if you have a BlueCam we can still get you going! I can’t promise anything, but we have a Blue Camera system that might be available.

Not for beginners!  If you’ve done a few quadrants with Cerec, you’ll do OK.  Contact us with questions!

We will:

1. Review the latest CEREC updates.

2. Discuss parameters and how they impact anterior restorations.

3. Discuss different methods of completing a CEREC veneer case and their pros and cons. Strategy is the key!

4. Have hands-on preparation of anterior restorations, designing, and milling.

5. Review material options including bonding methods and products.

6. Have fun!

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Aesthetics, Computer Supported Dentistry, Implantology, Restorative Dentistry

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Todd Ehrlich

Todd Ehrlich, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Ehrlich elevates his patient care by the digital components of his practice and years of experience of hand-making his own ceramics.  Although having a small practice outside of Austin, Texas, he utilizes the technologies to their fullest and reaps the benefits from them, especially CEREC and Galileos.   Dr. Ehrlich has lectured extensively on CAD/CAM technologies and has developed one of the premiere training programs for CEREC:   Cerecology Advanced CEREC Training.  He was a beta tester for CEREC’s Omnicam and was a beta tester for Ivoclar-Vivadent’s Emax CAD.  He is also an Administrator on Dental Town’s website.

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Digital Enamel

Digital Enamel   is what we consider an online “Digital Dental Magazine.”  It was  started by Dr.’s Todd Ehrlich and August deOliveira, but will grow with advocates to dental technology.    This encompasses many topics and categories.   We have a unique focus with our articles:  tell our stories with photographs and videos as much as possible.

We pride ourselves on this, and know that it is a lot more fun to “read.”   We know because we are on the internet, too!

We’ve only scratched the surface!   If you are interested with contributing and becoming part of the Digital Enamel family contact us.  Let us know how you can help deliver the digital message of dentistry!   It could be anywhere from CAD/CAM to simply making posts of the latest digital news.

We are proud to have James Klim, DDS join our efforts!   He is not only a well-respected clinician, he is our personal friend.  You will enjoy his creativity of media and high quality dentistry.