Dont miss an interesting Training with Dental Cal

Dental Cal is your personal Dental-Education-Finder for Dentists, Dental Technicians, Praxis Employees

With Dental Cal you can find educational courses world wide and for free.

  • With Dental Cal you wont miss any interesting educational Course whether national or international.
  • Dental Cal finds any desired educational course by using filters according to your favoured topics.

Price Advantages by using Last Minute Offers.

  • Courses can provide a wide range of information.
    Like Flyers, PDF Descriptions or Videos!
  • Save Appointments directly to your calendar while browsing through Dental Cal's courses.
  • Special Last Minute offers by Dental Cal.
  • With your personalized Dental-Education-Finder you can find your favoured educational courses and you stay informed by receiving your individual newsletter.
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Optimal planning of Courses with Dental Cal

An over saturated market for educational courses leads to decreasing numbers of attendees.

As an educational company you rely on a transparent market to schedule your educational courses.

World Wide Networking by using an independent platform

  • Dental Cal is independent and can be used by any educational company
    (From practical course with dentist or dental laboratories with just a few participants to large scale courses and symposiums)
  • Worldwide interconnection of courses
  • Create Synergy with other educational companies
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Lower the advertisement costs by placing course offers on Dental Cal

  • By creating tags for an educational course you ensure that your advertised course will be found
  • Gain insight by learning what kind of educational courses are required by the market
  • Lower Advertisement Cost and Budget
  • Customer acquisition by using last minute offers
  • Provided Upload Tool for your educational courses
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Any questions regarding how Dental-Cal works?

Watch the videos to receive answer to your questions!

From sign up to sign in

  • Questions regarding the sign in?
  • Questions regarding the sign up?
  • The whole process is shown in this video.

Your personal profile

  • Questions how to edit your profile?
  • Questions to customize Dental-Cal to fit your interests?
  • Answers to your questions you can find in this video.

Find the perfect course.

  • How do I subscribe a course?
  • How to customize the search to match my interests?
  • Learn how to use the search to find courses that match exactly your needs.

How to offer courses on Dental Cal?

  • Questions how to become a company/ course provider on Dental Cal?
  • How do I create Courses with Events and Attachments?
  • The answers are provided in this video.

Your own about page on Dental Cal

  • How do I present myself on Dental Cal?
  • What possibilities do I have to customize my about page?
  • As always, answers in the video.